OCTOPATH TRAVELER II: All Divine Weapons Locations

To completely access the Armsmaster job, players need to locate and restore the six Divine Weapons. Here’s how to obtain them.


Armsmaster Class/Job & Divine Weapons

in Octopath Traveler 2one of the four hidden jobs es la Armsmaster, a profession that makes a comeback from the original game. This unique job allows the use of all six weapon types simultaneously. However, unlocking skills in this job doesn’t involve spending job points. Instead, players are tasked with finding and repairing six Divine Weapons scattered throughout Solistia.

The quest for these weapons starts when players defeat a Debt Collector blocking a doorway in Gravell. Beyond this obstacle lies the blacksmith Holderwho has the ability to recognize and refurbish any Rusty Weapons Players discover as Divine Weapons, bringing them back to their former glory. Repairing a Divine Weapon for the first time grants access to the Armsmaster job in Octopath Traveler 2. Each rusty weapon found and fixed will reveal a new skill. To use these skills, the Armsmaster must be equipped with the Divine Weapon, which isn’t an issue given that these weapons rank among the best available in the game. Finding them, however, poses a significant challenge.

Spiritlord’s Staff

To explore this hidden dungeonplayers are required to navigate down two ladders in Borderfall and make their way into a cave that’s tucked away behind a waterfall. The level of threat within the Seat might actually be less intimidating than that of Borderfall, depending on the players’ timing. With the absence of a boss to fight, securing the Rusty Staff should be relatively hassle-free.

When an Armsmaster brandishes the Spiritlord’s Staffthey gain a boost of 160 in physical attack and 320 in elemental attack. The staff boasts a unique feature that allows the bearer to regenerate 1 percent of inflicted damage as SP. Additionally, the Armsmaster’s staff ability, named Deliveranceis a powerful single-target strike that leverages the wielder’s elemental attack bonus to amplify the damage inflicted.

Lionheart’s Ax

The Rusty Axe can be found within the Quicksand Gaolan optional dungeon situated in the northwest region of the Western Sai Sands. The ax itself is located in a chest at the very heart of the sand sinkhole that dominates the dungeon’s center. Here, players will encounter a boss known as the Lord of the Sands, a formidable giant sandworm that represents a stronger variant of the adversary Castti faces in her Sai chapter. However, if players have made it to Gravell, this boss should not pose a significant challenge.

Upon restoration, the Lionheart’s Ax bestows upon the Armsmaster to formidable 320 physical attack boost, in addition to incrementally increasing their max HP with each hit landed. It’s worth noting, though, that the HP increase is temporary, reverting back to its original value once combat concludes. The unique ax skill, On the Huntallows for a double strike on a single enemyinflicting greater damage as more vulnerabilities are exposed.

Conquerer’s Sword

The Rusty Sword serves as the prize for completing the side quest titled “The Sword in the Stone.” In Winterbloom, a Troubled Woman expresses frustration at a massive sword wedged in a stone, hindering her gardening plans. She suggests obtaining a miner’s pickaxe to dislodge the sword from its rocky confines.

Players can acquire a Sturdy Pickaxe desde a Retired Minerwho can be found residing in the armorer’s shop within Oresrush. Presenting the pickaxe to the Troubled Woman enables her to shatter the stone and release her sword. As she has no use for the Rusty Sword, she generously gifts it to the party, along with 7,000 leaves and a Revitalizing Jam.

Bringing the Rusty Sword to Holder allows players to exchange it for the Conquerer’s Sword. This formidable blade grants a substantial 200-point boost to physical attackwith an additional 250 points when striking already weakened adversaries. Furthermore, it bestows upon the Armsmaster the skill Cosmic Roarto powerful single-target attack that repositions the wielder’s initiative to the end of the turn sequence. The damage inflicted by Cosmic Roar escalates based on the number of skipped turns.

Dancer’s Blade

In the heart of the Sundering Sea lies to shipwreck, its docks inviting players to disembark. This wreckage, known as the Shipwreck of the Empressstands as one among the game’s optional dungeons. Despite its Danger Level of 48there’s no final boss encounter awaiting players, allowing for exploration even at lower levels. At the culmination of the wreckage lies a chest harboring a Rusty Dagger.

Upon restoration, the Dancer’s Blade provides the Armsmaster with a substantial boost of 300 physical attackalongside minor chance of inflicting poison, blindness, confusion, or sleep upon foes. The dagger’s unique ability, Mischievous Step, targets random adversaries three timeswith additional strikes granted when facing a larger number of foes on the battlefield.

Warlord’s Spear

Proceed to the Timberain Castle: Town Square area and head left to discover a staircase leading down to the forest ground. Follow the winding path to encounter what seems to be an isolated tower guarded by an Elderly Soldier. Este NPC is formidable at level 8posing a challenge to defeat, although players can use the nighttime knockdown Path Action under specific conditions.

Upon subduing the soldier, players gain access to the room beyond him, leading through an extensive tunnel to the right. At the tunnel’s end lies a chest containing a Rusty Polearm. Delivering it to Holder enables players to exchange it for the Warlord’s Spearboasting an impressive 310 physical attack. Additionally, this spear grants the wielder free Boost points upon vanquishing an enemy. The Armsmaster’s skill, Giant Swing, targets all foesgrowing more powerful as the number of enemies increases.

Hunter’s Bow

To locate the Hunter’s Bowplayers need to uncover the entrance to the Sinking Ruins within the Southern Nameless Village Traverse. Although the route is convoluted, players can initiate their journey from the western side of the waterlogged section of the traverse.

The Sinking Ruins harbors the formidable Behemoth as its boss, the sole creature in the game capable of petrifying the party. To counteract this profile, it’s advisable to stock up on Herb-of-Grace Buds and consider equipping the Divine Necklace if obtained.

Following the battle, players can retrieve the Rusty Bow safeguarded by the Behemoth and return it to Holder. The divine bow boasts a formidable 312 physical attack and possesses the ability to randomly reduce an attribute with each strike.

The Armsmaster’s skill, Flurry of Arrows, targets every enemy on the battlefield. If it manages to defeat at least one foe, it triggers once more, potentially continuing in succession.

Completion of Divine Weapons
Upon reclaiming all six Divine Weaponsplayers will finish the side quest titled “In Search of the Divine Weapons.”

As a reward for this accomplishment, players will receive 20,000 leaves along with the Wise King’s Shield. This shield enhances both physical and elemental defense by 110 points and grants a physical defense augmentation at the onset of each battle. While the Armsmaster doesn’t necessarily require this shield to execute skills, it undeniably proves advantageous for the party’s endeavors into the endgame.

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