Where to find Aang and Appa in Fortnite Chapter 5 temporada 2

if you are a Avatar fan, you will be excited to know that Korra He is not the only character we will see in fortnite. There’s a lot more about the collaboration coming later in April, but you can actually find Aang and Appa already on the map. This is where they are.

Where are Aang and Appa in Fortnite?

We have already tried the Avatar x fortnite collaborate with Waterbending and Korra missions, but many more are coming soon. In fact, Aang and Appa are already on the map. The hidden location is not shown on the map, but if you land nearby, you will definitely see it due to its size.

If you look at your map, you will see a small island on the northeast side. This isn’t where Aang is hiding, but it’s the closest you can get when looking at the map. You’ll have to swim even further northeast to reach the icebergs, right at the edge of the storm circle. Here you will see the giant ice sphere where Aang and Appa are frozen.

This is not a disposable place either. Not only is it a little preview of upcoming events, but you can also loot some chests there. Yes, you will have to flee from the storm immediately when it begins to approach, but you will not be completely defenseless. You can even find rare chests there. I found one right at the top of the sphere, which can only be accessed by landing your glider from the Battle Bus. Then, there’s a nearby platform with ziplines that you can use to quickly return to the mainland.

When is the Avatar x Fortnite event?

The official Avatar event in fortnite It will not begin until April 12, 2024 and will extend over the following weeks, most likely until the end of the month. During this event, we can expect to have an Aang skin available to purchase or earn through quests. Although there hasn’t been too much information about it yet, looking at past events like this, we can also expect a Pass of…