What is Glymercole and what to do with it in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Are there too many valuable items in Dragon Dogma 2? A question, perhaps, for philosophers. However, one of them, called Glymercole, is a bit more mysterious. What is Glymercole and what is it really used for? The answer is surprising and surprisingly simple.

What do you do with Glymercole in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

As you explore the caves, mines and dungeons of Dragon Dogma 2, especially in the southern desert region of Battahl, you are sure to find at least a few Glymercole units. Described as a lump of coal unusable as fuel, Glymercole is one of those materials whose sole purpose is to take up space in your backpack, or so you might think.

In reality, collecting Glymercole is one of the easiest and fastest money farms in the world. Dragon Dogma 2 half of the game. It sells for a measly 150 gold, but it is incredibly Abundant in some of the Battahl mines. What I’m referring to is: you should sell glimercole Once you have a sizable amount, you’ll make a hole in your storage box.

Sure, it won’t make you instantly rich like selling a large amount of Jasper in Battahl would, but if you passively collect it while exploring and then dump a massive amount, you can easily earn over 10,000 gold without actively farming it.

Selling Glymercole is like getting pawns for money, but it’s even easier. The main problem is how heavy the material is: 0.50 kilograms per unit, and you can easily find dozens of units at a time. My recommendation here is to only carry as much as you feel comfortable dividing between your and your pawns’ inventories and making the trip back to an inn or personal dwelling at regular intervals to unload.

Once you’ve collected some solid Glymercole treasure, place it in your party’s inventory and sell it, sell it, and…