Warzone players already frustrated with “super sweaty” Renaissance Island

Rebirth Island was the first small-scale revival map in Warzone and was released in 2020 alongside the launch of Black Ops Cold War. It quickly became a big fan favorite for its fast-paced, frenetic style, and players can drop right back into the action.

It was removed in 2022 but since then players have been clamoring for it to return, without actually interacting with the newer revival maps in the same way, but now it’s back for temporada 3 and the complaints are now out in full force. force. , as players deemed it too “sweaty” on launch day.

Warzone streamer Stone Mountain asked if “all the Rebirth lobbies today were too sweaty.”

Another player compared it to a Dragon Ball Z tournament, while several others even said that Rebirth in the rankings sweated less than in public matches.

There’s clearly some frustration on the part of players who were hoping to have quiet games with their friends for the first time in almost two years on Rebirth Island.

Of course, with skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), there will always be some element of “sweating” in the game when facing opponents of a similar skill level, so you’re unlikely to have it easy. through parties independently.

It is impossible to know if this ‘sweating’ persists; Of course, all Warzone players entered Rebirth Island on temporada 3 launch day, so there will always be a lot more sweat than usual, but most players will expect this to subside. while others begin to leak to Urzikstan and other maps in the future.

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