Warzone Mobile’s free Ghost skin is broken for MW3 players

Warzone Mobile players can claim a free ghost skin for Modern Warfare 3, but bugs and account errors aren’t making things any easier.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players can currently unlock a free Ghost skin following a few steps. First, players must download Warzone Mobile, link their Activision account, and claim mobile rewards. From there, accessing the skin on PC/console should be very simple.

However, this course of action is not without its flaws, according to some players. And others have noted that the free-looking reward also comes complete with strange bugs.

For those who don’t know: you can claim a FREE ghost skin for mw3 in warzone mobile by u/JoeyAKangaroo in ModernWarfareIII

In a Reddit post, user JoeyAKangaroo shared a public service announcement reminding MW3 players to claim their Warzone Mobile rewards. But in doing so, the Redditor also pointed out that the cosmetic is riddled with glitches.

The skin lobby model has a “broken head,” while the first-person point of view has “different arms,” ​​they explained.

Several other posts on the MW3 subreddit have also drawn attention to the buggy Ghost skin. Warzone Mobile. One user noticed that the Operator’s gold mask disappears in lobbies, but it looks fine in-game.

Is this a bug? Or the look is not fully optimized for the full game compared to mobile by u/Character-Row-9264 in ModernWarfareIII

Yet another thread also highlighted the bug, as someone shared a screenshot of the issue, with the following caption: “Um, they need to fix the gold ghost skin.”

Meanwhile, several players across all three threads said they can’t claim the Ghost skin at all. Link an Activision account to Warzone…