Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Tier List – All Killers Ranked

He The massacre in Texas The game brings the Slaughter family to life. All five family members have their own unique abilities and advantages that will help them trap and destroy the Victims in the most brutal way possible. While some assassins are especially good on their own, others only become a serious threat when working with their assassin relatives. This guide provides you with a Tier List Ranking of All Assassins in He The massacre in Texasincluding your character skills and the most useful unique advantages.

Tier List Rankings of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Killers

S-level assassins

leather face

Leatherface is an iconic Chinese traditional medicine character who wields a huge chainsaw. Swinging the chainsaw for an overhead move is the best way to do big damage. The Maul ability not only damages victims, but also allows Leatherface to destroy doors and obstacles (something no other character can do). He is definitely the most dangerous killer. Once she catches a victim in the open, she is practically dead. Two of the best unique advantages of it include:

  • First cut: Deals 1 HP additional damage per second for 7 seconds at level 3.
  • Master key: You can pass through closed doors instantly, making chases easier and increasing the chances of catching victims off guard.

With high damage buffs and high savagery, Leatherface can instantly kill low stamina victims, such as Sonny or Julie. Basically, any victim who wants to survive Leatherface must have a lot of HP to withstand those powerful chainsaw attacks.


In the right hands, Hitchhiker can be even more dangerous than Leatherface due to his Ability…