Roblox Defender Deposit Codes

There are enemies at your doors and the only way to keep them at bay is to work together with other players in Roblox Defender’s Depot. This survival-based building game encourages cooperation but also has competitive aspects with its leaderboard and individual bases. Being creative and strategic is the key to success in this Roblox experience.

Of course, you will be helped along the way by the codes that the developers have published, which offer free boxes and coins. Coins allow you to purchase new equipment and weapons, while crates give you the chance to spin them for a new expansion or upgrades to your base. As in other games like All Star Tower Defense, these codes are a valid strategy to keep your base safe from the enemies around you.

List of all Roblox Defender deposit codes

Roblox Defender Deposit Codes (Working)

These are the current working codes for Defender’s Depot.

  • *%@?—Reward: trading token (New)
  • bingchillin—Reward: Chat Token (New)
  • 65 million! — Reward: Core Box
  • 300kFAVE — Reward: Chat Token
  • festive time — Reward: Core Box
  • snowsnosns — Reward: trading token
  • 60 million! — Reward: Core Box
  • DD2 — Reward: Chat Token
  • winter is coming — Reward: Core Box
  • sweet — Reward: Core Box
  • corn — Reward: Chat Token
  • soonTM — Reward: Core Box
  • labels?! — Reward: Chat Token
  • redYELLOWRed — Reward: Core Box
  • spam spam — Reward: Chat Token
  • configuration in no way — Reward: Chat Token
  • ty4100k — Reward: Chat Token
  • Ascensions! — Reward: Chat Token
  • gaming — Reward: Core Box
  • ascend? — Reward: Chat Token
  • kill everyone — Reward: Divine Box
  • zoom — Reward: +2 walking speed
  • world — Reward: Token of…