How to use Dire Arrow and Puncture Dart in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Archer’s Dire Arrow and Piercing Dart are two abilities that have caused a bit of confusion. Dire Arrow apparently deals abysmal damage if not used correctly and the Puncture Dart input is currently missing from consoles. Here it is how to use Dire Arrow and Puncture Dart in Dragon Dogma 2.

Dire Arrow explained in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Dire Arrow weapon skill and the upgraded version Deathly Arrow for archers in Dragon Dogma 2 It lacks a crucial description. The ability often deals little damage to enemies even with a hit to a vital point. The trick about Dire and Deathly Arrow is that it deals little damage before and after charging. TO To deal proper damage, you must release the input and fire as soon as it flashes white..

This means you must charge up Dire/Deathly Arrow and release the input with the white visual cue to perfectly trigger the ability. This is when it deals the proper damage it’s really meant to deal. Releasing too early or too late does little damage and will make you feel like you’ve wasted a weapon skill slot. Timing is key and players should think of it more as a warrior skill.

How to use the stinging dart in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To use Puncture Dart, the player really needs hold Mouse 3 on PC, R3 on PS5, or right analog stick on Xbox. The skill doesn’t actually tell you which input you need to press on PS5 and I saw a lot of confusion on Reddit about it. All you have to do is firmly shoot an arrow and hold it, then hold down the appropriate input, which for me is R3 on the PS5, and the Puncture Dart animation will start.

This is a decent ability that I use against smaller, grouped enemies since the shot passes through them. Just be careful, as the aiming cursor will start to shake, making aiming a lot…