How to get the April Fools clown decoration for your Discord profile

April Fools generates fun within the gaming community in the form of various trolling attempts by developers, journalists, and content creators. This time, Discord has given us loot boxes that give you a limited April Fool’s Clown decoration for your profile.

How to Unlock Clown Decoration for Your Discord Profile

You can unlock the clown decoration for your Discord profile by opening the nine collectible items in the April Fools Loot Box Collection on April 1, 2024. You can start opening the boxes in the desktop app by going into settings. Next, you should check the “Loot Boxes” section in the settings list.

Discord announced this on YouTube and completely accidentally saw their video have over 600 million views, which is beyond absurd.

What are the nine collectible items in Discord’s April Fools’ Day loot?

The nine items you can get are, in order:

  • Buster Blade (probably a reference to Final Fantasy, or even Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  • Cute plush (it’s just cute!)
  • Wump Shell (probably a reference to the Mario Kart games)
  • Speed ​​Boost (probably a reference to Sonic, given how similar the shoes are)
  • → ↑↓ → ↑↓ (probably a Zelda reference)
  • Power Helmet (probably a reference to Metroid)
  • Medicine man!! (he’s a cute duck!)
  • OHHHHH BANANA (probably a Donkey Kong reference if I had to guess)
  • Dream Hammer (probably a reference to Kirby, however they can’t make it as similar due to copyright)

It took me 24 spins to get all the items, which perfectly shows how loot boxes are something that should be eliminated in today’s games.

Can you still claim the April Fool’s Day reward in Discord after April 1, 2024?

Unfortunately, these…