How to get all Lantern Trials 2024 rewards in Fortnite

The Lantern Trials are a special side event in fortnite that tests players’ skill and drive and rewards them with exclusive rewards you won’t get anywhere else. This is how you can join the event and claim all your Lantern Trials 2024 Rewards before they leave.

How to join the Lantern Trials event in Fortnite

Unlike most events and quests, Lantern Trials are not in the game. Instead, it’s on its own website. To join and start completing challenges, visit the Lantern Trials official site. Then, sign in to your Epic Games account.

As soon as you arrive at the site, you will notice the bright blue login button. Sign in with the same account you normally use to play. Once you log in, it will track your progress as you play. You’ll even claim your first Lantern Trails reward immediately after doing so.

How to Earn Lantern Trial Rewards

To earn rewards, all you need to do is jump into Zero Build or normal Battle Royale modes and survive the storm circles. Every 5 storm circles you reach will earn you a badge.

You will get the first badge immediately after logging in. Then, you’ll need five more badges to reach the next reward and another five to reach the end. There are a total of eleven badges for all rewards. As you play, it will keep track of the badges you earn on the site, so keep checking back. Rewards are automatically transferred to your in-game locker, but may take up to an hour to appear.

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