How to Fast Travel in Stellar Blade

Are you looking for a way to travel fast on Stellar Blade ? Here is a guide on how you can easily do it in the game.

The Stellar Blade demo, which released on March 29, 2024, provided a brief look at the game’s core mechanics. One of the mechanics that was introduced was fast travel between zones.

There is a good amount of exploration In Stellar Blade, therefore, fast travel is valuable so you can grab items or enemies you may have missed. However, you can’t fast travel wherever you want as the game limits it to a certain extent.

Upward shift

Fast travel in Stellar Blade occurs between Waypoints

Stellar Blade: How to Fast Travel

If you want to fast travel in Stellar Blade, you’ll need to look for points of reference while exploring. These Waypoints look like phone booths with the word Telephone written in red . According to the demo, Waypoints are distributed across the map. Additionally, you will always find a Waypoint at a large supply camp.

If you want to fast travel, you need to interact with your nearest Waypoint and then select the one you want to teleport to. Other than those at the supply camp, Waypoints do not require any unlocking. According to the demo, they are unlocked the moment you reach a particular region and pass through one.

However, this will become clearer once the full version is released, as there was only one main region in the demo. Finally, to clarify, fast travel does not cost you money and you can do it freely as long as it is between Waypoints.

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