Fun Helldivers 2 Trick Has Players Juggling Multiple SSSDs at Once

Helldivers 2 soldiers are always looking for the best methods to spread democracy as easily as possible in their mission orders. Whether it’s freeing Malevelon Creek and driving back an army of Automata or eliminating giant creatures to spread the good word of Super Earth, the constant grind keeps players motivated throughout the game.

Although aside from the combat side of a typical Helldivers 2 game, players are also tasked with transporting SSSD hard drives to the communications relay and uploading data via the local relay from time to time. However, you can only carry one SSSD at a time that cannot be damaged, and while holding it you can only fight with one-handed weapons.

But a new trick has players divided, as it allows you to juggle multiple SSSDs at once. In a clip shared by a Reddit user, they repeatedly pick up and drop two SSSDs alternately while running away from an enemy.

How to carry 2 SSSD at the same time with u/xxGURIxx in Helldivers

To do the same, all you need to do is place two SSSDs in front of you and charge and release them one by one while running. Keep the momentum going and you can run multiple hard drives in a single run.

Several players who found the clip funny due to the user’s voice and movement expressed their amusement in the comments. One of those players said: “Mom ain’t raising no two-trip bitch.” Another chimed in: “A trip or die trying.”

A third user added: “Reminds me of moving weapons around the map in Halo 2.” A fourth wrote: “If you time it right you can launch them directly in front of you, same with artillery shells. “It really speeds it up.”

Helldivers 2 players can’t stop spreading democracy fast enough, so the above trick is extremely useful for completing missions faster and giving…