Fortnite Hack Helps You Complete Korra’s Challenge Quickly and Easily

Avatar Korra missions are available in Fortnite and one challenge requires some grinding, but a simple trick helps you complete it quickly.

Fortnite has now unlocked the Avatar Korra mission rewards in the Chapter 5 temporada 2 Battle Pass, as players can now complete a series of challenges to claim the free items tied to the collaboration. Throughout the missions, a new Waterbending Mythic item was also added to the game that can be easily found as floor loot or in chests and other similar containers.

While most of Korra’s missions focused on players finding mythical items, emerging from water, and dealing damage to players, one challenge requires you to hire 20 NPC characters or revive your teammates 20 times in matches. . Since reviving your teammates is quite a task, there is a simple trick that allows you to hire 20 NPCs quickly.

So I found a way to cheat hired characters or revive squadmates 20 times with u/South_Scar8093 in FortNiteBR.

Thanks to a Reddit user, you can easily complete Korra’s challenge by hiring an NPC by spending gold bars and heading to a location where another NPC can be hired. There, interact with the available NPC and click Hire Character. Once you do, your first NPC/follower will be fired.

But here’s the catch: you can repeatedly hire and fire each of them, unless you’ve done it a total of 20 times. However, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of going to another location and finding an NPC that can be hired, you can simply fire your follower and hire him again and again 20 times at no additional cost.

Once you have done this repeatedly, your quest progress will increase and you will be able to easily complete the quest to unlock the…