Evil Wyll run makes Baldur’s Gate 3 players think about Origin characters in a new way

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player who chose to play as Wyll explained how making bad decisions as the game’s noble warlock created a unique gaming experience.

The player shared on Reddit how to make bad decisions like Origin Wyll made Baldur’s Gate 3 “interesting and cool.”

“You really feel like a manipulative bastard who fools everyone into thinking you’re a hero, but really he’s only out for his own thing,” the poster explains. They add that they enjoyed “thinking about where and when it makes sense to choose the super heroic dialogue and when it makes sense to stop pretending and be a monster.”

While Wyll is among the traditionally “good” characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, playing as an Origin character allows you to make decisions they wouldn’t make as a companion.

For example, although Wyll is among the companions who leave the party if the player chooses to attack Emerald Grove in Act 1, like Origin Wyll, the player can have him make that decision himself. In this case, the player decided to turn the Blade of Frontiers nickname into an act, and Wyll became a master of deception.

Making Wyll truly evil also has an interesting impact on his relationship with his infernal employer, Mizora, particularly when it comes to Wyll’s choice regarding his father . As the sign says, upon leaving Duke Ravengard, “Mizora is truly impressed with your choice and approves of it, even if she breaks your pact.”

They also note that it makes subsequent interactions with Mizora feel “more natural” and she begins to speak to Wyll as “equals, or at least two fully mature villains who appreciate and admire each other’s scheming.”

The complaint the player had about the run was that, because the game doesn’t expect you to take Wyll in such a dark direction, the choice between saving the Duke or freeing Wyll from his pact doesn’t have an “extra depraved option.” . where…