Dragon’s Dogma 2 Has a Hidden Pawn Affinity System – Secret Feature Explained

Pawns are a fundamental part of Dragon’s Dogma 2, just like in the original. While there is plenty of information about pawn vocations, inclinations, and specializations, the original game’s affinity system seemed to be missing.

However, dedicated fans have now discovered evidence of the existence of the Affinity system in DD2 and have been sharing how other players can use it to their advantage.

Reddit user dooderek first started a thread about the discovery, but other players soon joined in to share their findings.

Someone has even created a mod that players can use to check the affinity levels of their pawns.

Based on the findings, there are a few different actions players can take to improve their waiting affinity with their pawns. One player even did the math and calculated that it would take 19 pickles for a pawn with maximum affinity to fall out of favor with his Arisen.

For those who want to experiment with maximizing their pawn affinity, we describe the basics of the system below.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawn Affinity System Explained


The hidden pawn affinity system in Dragon’s Dogma 2 determines how much a pawn cares for his spawn. Maximizing a pawn’s affinity changes its disposition toward the Risen. The Pawn Affinity system maxes out at 1000 affinity. Pawns with 620 Affinity and higher adopt a new inactive pose, utter more affectionate voice lines, and even blush.

According to those who have experimented with the system, a pawn with 620 affinity will “fall in love” with their Risen. It also gives players access to a special line of dialogue from the Pawn after learning the game’s true ending.

How to increase affinity with your main pawn

From what players have discovered, it seems that the following actions are the most effective in increasing affinity…