Does Content Warning run on Steam Deck?

The content warning has arrived on Steam, but can you experience the co-op horrors on the Steam Deck? We’ve got everything you need to know about how to play Content Warning on your Valve handheld.

Content Warning is the latest indie gaming sensation, putting you and your friends on the task of becoming viral SpookTube stars. In this new steam game you and up to four friends have three days to film as many scary things as possible.

If you survive this horror co-op and can last on your oxygen and camera battery, you can return to the surface to upload your spooky footage to SpookTube and watch the views pile up and the money roll in.

With all the hilariously gruesome antics that can come from this new indie horror and its stylized, low-spec system requirements, Content Warning is an ideal game to pick up and play on the go on the Steam Deck.

Can you play Content Warning on Steam Deck?

The content warning runs at 60 FPS on the Steam Deck, but the game has not officially gone through Valve’s verification process.

Through our testing, Content Warning runs well on the Steam Deck at a constant 60 FPS with no drops in frame rate. Thanks to its stylized character, Content Warning works perfectly on a technical level. But you may have some problems controlling the game itself.

The only caveat to playing Content Warning on the Steam Deck is unoptimized controls. Before you start running, the game requires you to control the menu with the right trackpad. But it’s not until you enter a game that the Content Warning will switch to using the Steam Deck gamepad controls.

Additionally, Content Warning requires a stable WiFi connection on the Steam Deck due to it being an online game.


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