Baldur’s Gate 3 players debate which is the best element in the game

The Baldur’s Gate 3 community has been discussing the best elements of the game on social media, and there are a few that everyone seems to consider the best options.

Like everything else in Baldur’s Gate 3, the game features a wide and versatile selection of items that players can choose from to equip their Tav. The range of options is so varied that we can even play the entire game brandishing a salami stick.

But of course, not all items are created equal. So which items does the community think are the best? One player offered his opinion on the Very Fast Flashing Boots. Naming them “ironically the best item” in the game in a thread on Reddit.

And many agreed with the sentiment, despite the item’s cursed requirements requiring the character to remain naked while wearing it. But there were also those who presented alternative suggestions.

“From my completely impartial and non-subjective point of view, Blood of Lathander is the best thing about the game.” Another fan suggested. Others agreed: “Blood of Lathander is broken and you get it too early.”

“Arrow of Many Targets is the best element in the game,” was a different fan’s suggestion. And Arrow of Many Targets also has its fair share of fans.

While all of these items are top-tier options in any game, we thought we’d offer a couple of options of our own. Like the Amulet of Mist and Step, which may not be infinitely usable like the boots, but your Tav keeps his clothes on while wearing it. Or there’s also the Smuggler’s Ring, another great find early in the game.

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